5 Ways to Increase Online Store Conversions

Competition in the online shopping space is fierce. Why should customers buy from you instead of a similar brand? When your eCommerce site drives loyalty and builds trust with online visitors, you will see a rise in conversion rates.

Customers have their own reasons for purchasing and it’s important to find out what your target market finds most essential. Start with these five tips to see an improvement in conversions on your online store.

  1. Show an estimate of shipping date and costs when they add the item to the cart. Consumers like to know when the item(s) will arrive at their front door. Identifying an estimated ship date will allow the customer to already imagine their life with the product. Offer free shipping when your business model allows it to encourage customers to purchase more often.
  2. Make it easy to buy. An easy-to-use cart with multiple payment options like major credit cards and PayPal integrations will make the checkout process quicker and simpler. Many eCommerce sites find that cart abandonment rates are higher when the cart is slow to update or has incomplete information.
  3. Use cookies to show related items. Retargeting and showing related items while a customer is still on your eCommerce site is a way to remind the customer that you understand what they want. You are showing related items to ones they have purchased before and providing valuable information about items they can use together.
  4. Offer a discount for add-on items. Another use for retargeting is when the eCommerce site displays a promotion for add-on items. A popular example is Amazon’s feature of allowing smaller items to be added to a Prime member’s cart at a discounted rate for the item.
  5. Demonstrate your products using video. High-quality images are standard for most eCommerce sites. Increase interest and conversions by making the product as exciting as possible to potential customers.

There are always tweaks and changes you can make to improve your eCommerce site conversion rate. Keep up with industry trends and find what works best for your business and your market. Repeat the steps that give you the most return for your time and money.

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