Five eCommerce Design Tips for Effective Holiday Marketing Landing Pages

Holiday landing pages can make or break end-of-year sales for eCommerce stores. All the time and money you invested into your holiday marketing campaigns won’t pay off if your holiday landing pages are poorly designed.

A compelling offer isn’t enough to convert holiday shoppers. To crush your revenue goals this holiday season, you need to look at things from both a marketing and design perspective.

Here are a few eCommerce design tips that will maximize conversions on your holiday landing pages:

1. Design with Your Customers in Mind

Once the holiday season arrives, consumers are no longer researching—they’re ready to buy. No matter how enticing your offer is, they won’t wait around for your pages to load or navigate a difficult customer interface.

This holiday season, focus on speeding up page load time and reducing the number of steps a customer must take to act upon your offer. The more streamlined your holiday landing pages are, the more likely users will be to make a purchase.

If you’re on Instagram, consider using a tool that helps you create a seamless portal to your Instagram users as they shop in real time. Having a custom landing page that pulls visual content from your live feed will both capture your followers’ interest and minimize their time to purchase.


2. Keep It Clean and Simple

Cluttered landing pages are not easy on the eyes or your conversion rates. We understand the temptation to add fancy graphics and animations, but too many distractions could hurt your bottom line.

Don’t get us wrong—you absolutely should make holiday landing pages festive with holiday-inspired images and themes. However, just remember that too many design elements can stall the path to purchase.

Similarly, keep your offers simple and stick to a single CTA. According to research from Business Insider, too many choices can have a detrimental effect on eCommerce customers.

3. Make Your Landing Pages Mobile Friendly

You’ve heard it a million times by now, but online businesses must optimize for a memorable mobile experience. With more people shopping on their smartphones than ever before, your holiday landing pages must be streamlined for mobile shoppers this year.

To prepare for mobile holiday traffic, there are a few key design tips to keep in mind. Namely, you should keep form fields to a minimum, optimize for speed and use white space to break up large blocks of text.

Also, it’s simply good practice to place important information above the fold. This will increase your chances of mobile users seeing it, especially if they choose not to scroll farther down the page.

4. Match Messages Across Ads and Landing Pages

Holiday shoppers have presumably clicked on your ad because they are interested in your offer. If your holiday landing page message doesn’t match the ad copy, users will be confused and more likely to bounce from the site.

Focus on creating a cohesive experience for customers this holiday season by making your landing page copy and design elements consistent with all of your holiday marketing campaigns. For instance, if your email campaign promised 20 percent off, your landing page should repeat this incentive in the page headline.


5. Adopt a Responsive HTML5 Design

HTML5 is the latest update to the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is used to create a more streamlined front-end website design for your eCommerce site.

To put it simply, holiday shoppers expect your content and messaging to look clean and consistent, regardless of which device or platform they use to interact with your site. Using HTML5 creative is a powerful way to accomplish this difficult task. It offers enhanced multi-media elements for video, tracks geographical data and improves browser compatibility.

By adopting a responsive HTML5 design for your landing page format, you can enhance the holiday shopping experience for mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop users. As any eCommerce marketer knows, being able to reach consumers across multiple devices adds a key advantage toward capturing peak revenue during the holiday season.

Final Thoughts

As many eCommerce marketers know, an underperforming landing page can present a serious hindrance for your holiday revenue goals. To maximize the time and money you’ve invested in your seasonal advertising campaigns, ensure that your landing pages are optimized for all the busy online traffic headed your way through the end of the year.

Hopefully, these tips will give you a good foundation for creating well-designed landing pages for your eCommerce store. Just remember to let industry best practices and your key metrics help you design a great user experience for the holiday season. That way, you can reap the rewards of increased holiday revenue and set the foundation for building lasting relationships with your customers all year long.

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