Forward Thinking Businesses Create New Sales by Engaging Customers with Mobile Apps

Custom mobile apps are a great way for brands to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Criteo’s report included data from as recent as Q4 2016 showing a growth of 20% year-over-year in mobile device use. That’s a lot of customers entering your shop with their smartphone in hand. Whether you run a boutique or a consulting agency, a business storefront is the beginning of the customer relationship.

You put much time and thought into creating the perfect shopping environment. Every time the door opens and new customers walk in, your staff members are eager to make them feel welcome. Each product is hand-picked and chosen to represent your brand and add value to every visitor who comes in the shop. When a customer downloads your store app on their phone, you are creating an opportunity to deepen the relationship.

A custom mobile app can extend the feeling your customer gets when they shop your brand IRL (In Real Life). Encourage your customers to engage with your brand while in the store by including extra details about the products exclusively on the mobile app. Increase their use of the app when they are at home or traveling by providing compelling content targeted to supplementing the products they love.

Did you know you can use custom mobile apps to create a membership experience for customers? You could use this to make it easy to schedule appointments or even start a waitlist for popular products. Membership applications have the bonus for you, as a business owner, of collecting customer data in an organic way.

With some good coding and planning, custom mobile apps make it easy for customers to share your business’s products on social media. We all know people who post on Facebook and Instagram multiple times a day; wouldn’t you love to have your brand featured and posted on those platforms?

Show off the best of what your brand has to offer by picking high-value items to feature on the app. With the right mobile user interface and ideal customer information, a good app developer can guide you on the best way to meet your marketing goals.

Ready to get started? Contact us at Jarrell to find out how our mobile app development team can help your shop increase customer engagement and added revenue.


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