Here’s How a Redesign Can Boost Your Business

In today’s economy that is so heavily driven by the Internet, it’s no secret that a business’s website is more important than ever. And while almost all companies do have a website, many just don’t utilize their site to its full potential to drive sales and, ultimately, revenue. Even if it’s not a complete overhaul, small changes to your website can make a significant impact. Read on to learn how a website redesign can revolutionize your business — and how to know what’s best for your brand.


Websites are often a major investment for a company, in terms of both time and money. Further, maintaining a website can be hard work, as they require regular updates to stay relevant. In other words, if you aren’t maximizing the ROI that your site is delivering, you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities.


Let’s take a closer look at why it’s a good idea to update your web design to boost your business…


A new design can make your brand look more fresh and relevant

In addition to giving your brand a professional image, the right website design or website refresh will keep your brand looking current. Think about it — would you want to meet with a client decked out in your favorite outfit from the 90s? The same goes for your website. First impressions are lasting — be sure your website is making a good one.


Updating your website can make it more mobile-friendly

If it’s been a while since your initial website development, the chances are good that people were primarily using their phones as, well, phones. Or, perhaps you thought that making your website mobile-friendly wasn’t all that important. Well, guess again! Today, traffic to your site is likely coming more from mobile devices than it is from traditional computers. And mobile users are demanding a good experience — Search Engine Land reports that these users are fives times more likely to abandon a website if it isn’t mobile-friendly and Google will even lower your SEO rankings without a mobile-enabled site.


A redesign can help activate both new and returning customers

Even if your site has traditional calls to action (or CTAs), they may not be working the way you hoped they would. Long gone are the days when you can simply put some information on your site and expect visitors to track down your contact information (even somewhere as close by as your Contact Us page). Each page on your site needs to have a strong CTA to push the visitor to the next step — whether that’s signing up for your emails, requesting a quote, downloading a white paper, etc.


Your customers expect change and improvement

Simply stated, today’s customers expect businesses (and, by extension, their websites) to evolve and improve continuously. If you’re not regularly making changes and adding new relevant content, it’s easy for your site to become stale and outdated. Toot your horn, promote your sale, preview a new line… whatever it is, make sure you’re sharing it with your visitors. Trust us; they want it!


A redesign can improve sales

We saved the best for last… the right redesign can have a major impact on your overall sales. Don’t believe us? Fast Company explores the infamous $300 million button — a case in which by merely changing one button on an eCommerce site’s checkout page (from “register” to “continue”), it led to a whopping $300,000,000 increase in sales in just one year!


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