Is Your Hosting Company Costing You Sales?

Your eCommerce site looks great and you can tell from Google Analytics that the traffic is coming through, but why aren’t your sales reflecting your success? Your hosting company could be to blame for low conversion rates.

You can check to see if your server is helping or hurting your business by looking at a few metrics.

Does your site have an SSL certificate? All good sites use SSL for security but if you are new to the world of eCommerce, you may have accidentally overlooked this. An SSL certificate helps your site in multiple ways, both from a security standpoint as well as by providing trust with your customers. To generate an SSL certificate your website must have a dedicated IP, which also ensures steady speed during high traffic periods.

What’s your website load time? You can test your website’s load time on a site like Pingdom.

MySQL databases contain all your eCommerce product information and when those connections are slow, fewer customers will want to wait for the cart to load to complete their purchase.

Another aspect of web hosting that affects load time is the PHP Accelerator. Most servers should have one, such as Alternative PHP Cache or XCache.

Are your pages cached? You can check if your website’s pages are cached using a service like SEO SiteCheckup. Cached pages will reduce the server load and help your website run more smoothly. Some web hosts provide built-in caching tools to assist in this as well, but double-check with your host.

What is the uptime and reliability of your server? Ideally, before you begin a relationship with a hosting company you will know their reputation for uptime. In eCommerce, when your website goes down, so does your profit.

Rather than rely on a traditional, multi-purpose web server, look into hosting options made specifically for eCommerce. Many of the major hosting companies have add-ons and specific plans for eCommerce sites.

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