Human Clay 2017: Celebrating 12 Years of Changing Lives and Ending Homelessness

Homelessness: Closer Than You Think

It comes as no surprise that nearly every American city deals with its share of poverty and homelessness. What may surprise you, however, is how high Atlanta ranks on this list. Recently, WalletHub named Atlanta one of their top opportunities for community service in 2017, behind only Detroit, Brownsville (TX) and Memphis, respectively. This ranking study looked closely at 150 of the most populated areas in the nation, focusing on 21 metrics, including rates of uninsurance and child poverty, categorized into two major categories: health and safety and economic well-being. While Atlanta’s stats were around the national average for health and safety, its prevalence of homelessness and poverty, particularly in the Metro area, were what catapulted our fair city to the #4 spot on this list.

These types of situations are where Gateway Center shines. Since its founding in 2005, Gateway Center has operated under the mission of serving as a beacon of hope to the thousands of people annually who are experiencing homelessness in our metro area. Gateway Center, initially founded in response to the recommendations of former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, was set up as a means to establish a centralized point of compassionate care to meet these specific needs in a systematic manner. Gateway Center continues to deliver services and programs through various partnerships, designed to “provide a collective impact approach to support individuals in their successful efforts to transition out of homelessness.”

2017 Human Clay: Giving Hope

With this in mind, Jarrell is proud to return as a sponsor of the 5th annual Human Clay event, “Giving Hope.” Join us November 15, as we celebrate Gateway Center’s 12 years of operation, working to end homelessness for thousands in the Atlanta area — and improving their lives in the process. In addition to hearing from keynote speakers, Andre Dickens (Atlanta City Councilman) and Lamman Rucker (Artist, Activist, and Educator), here’s just some of what you can expect from this year’s exciting event:

– Great food + tasty libations
– Live bluegrass band  + fun photo booth
– Silent auction full of local experiences and beautiful art
– Thoughtful commentary on the fight to end homelessness
– A celebration of the fantastic progress made since Gateway’s founding in July 2005

By supporting this event along with us, you will directly support Gateway Center in raising funds to support their mission to make homelessness rare and brief for those facing a displacement situation in metro Atlanta. 100% of the funds raised will directly support their programs and services, such as job readiness training, intensive case management, food services, and other critical supports and services. You can purchase tickets here, or donate directly to Gateway Center online.

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