Jarrell CEO Pays Homage to Father by Restarting Family’s Business

(Atlanta, GA) – Jarrell is an Atlanta-based tech firm that found a rebirth by CEO Mike Jarrell in 2013. Mike, a child of two software developers, was raised in a home where computers and technology were always topics of discussions at dinner. Mike’s father, Jim Jarrell, owned and operated Jarrell Systems, a computer-consulting company based out of Snellville, until 1994, when he sold the business. After Jim passed away in 2013, Mike decided the best way to honor his father was to restart the business and continue Jim’s legacy.

Mike says, “I thought the best thing I could do after I lost my dad was to recreate his business, by offering consulting services to companies in Atlanta. Little did I know we’d become a national brand in less than two years. Our team offers a little more than he did but we have the same culture of integrity that he had, and I’m proudest of that.”

Since starting Jarrell in November of 2013, Mike has become a well-known CEO and owner in the Atlanta market and across the country. Jarrell has made a name for itself over the last year, being named a Top 25 Most Promising IT Companies of 2016 by Outsourcing Gazette, recognized as the Best of Gwinnett IT Company for 2016 and, most recently, was the 2016 Best of Atlanta winner in the software category.

“Having local and national recognition for our work, so shortly after starting this company, is a major boost to our team. Knowing that the work we do on a daily basis is excellent, not only in our eyes, motivates us to do bigger and better things.” said Mike.

Jarrell prides itself on using a consultative approach which helps them stay on budget and on timeline and they are flexible when it comes to how they work. “On any project, Jarrell can operate independently or work collaboratively with the client’s team to produce a high-quality solution.” says Jarrell Project Manager, Will Palmer.

Currently, Jarrell boasts of “bringing ideas to life” through optimizing eCommerce sales, designing better mobile experiences for its clients and custom development projects. Verizon Telematics Inc., came to Jarrell in 2015 for a custom development project that would have normally taken their team six months to complete. Jarrell took the project and delivered a final product 18 days later. “Jarrell is the best, most professional development firm I have worked with. They helped us on a complex project on an impossible deadline. Not only did they complete the project, they delivered early and under budget. I cannot recommend Jarrell enough and I look forward to working with them again.” said Andrew Veal, Senior Product Manager for Verizon Telematics.
The Jarrell team has more than 30 years of software and website development experience across a variety of nonprofit and for-profit industries. Jarrell has clients around the country, from San Francisco to Cape Cod, and works on projects for less than $1,000 to well over $100k. On any project, Jarrell’s goal is to provide a solution to the client’s need, on time, and within budget. Jarrell is on track to increase revenue 100% year over year.

For more information about the team’s work or to view their portfolio, visit jarrellsystems.com.